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How to Embed a Twitter Hashtag Feed into WordPress

Posted July 20, 2012

Change the “hashtagsubject” in this URL to one you want (don’t need to add the #), then cut and paste the URL and place in the WordPress RSS Feed widget.

Thanks to carolinejaneward for doing the homework on this in this discussion.


How to embed a Symbaloo and other iframe “rejects” in

Posted July 15, 2012 (not the .org version, which is self hosted), does not allow most iframes, with which Symbaloo and some other applications does its embedding, for security reasons (dangers of wacky code and all). It does allow Google iframes (and a few others) because I guess WordPress has decided to trust Google iframe codes. But WordPress does not yet trust Symbaloo iframe codes, and therefore strips out the coding for this and a number of other apps.

So what to do? I used to use vodpod, which would do the iframe to Flash conversion, but vodpod no longer exists (and hence I think many of my embedded video etc. from earlier posts are not working) and I’m not happy with it’s replacement. I did find this fantastic post which provides instructions on how to use Tagul (a tag cloud creation tool) as an iframe to flash converter. It took some fiddling but the instructions actually do work!!!

The only thing is that a one or two word “cloud” shows up in the embedded frame, which you will see when you click on the resource link, but if you click on that word(s), the symbaloo mix shows up beautifully in the wordpress page (well, you do have to scroll, but still…). Note that it’s important to remember to remove the Latin text example Tagul provides, click “Visualize!”, and then save your text. The author also points out a number of times that any brackets and quotation marks cannot be of the curly sort, or the code doesn’t work. You’ll see what I mean when you read the instructions and follow up comments.

The other problem is that (apparently) Tagul only allows for 20 free tag clouds.


Wifi won’t turn on in MacBook with Lion? This may work.

Posted June 9, 2012

I tried a variety of recommended (from netizens) fixes for the problem of a MacBook wifi application refusing to turn on, to no avail. But what did finally work was deleting the files in “System Configuration” (in home/library/preferences/system configuration): I read somewhere  that the files get corrupted over time. While I deleted all of the files found in this folder (with no ill effects), RC (in the comments section of this article) was told by Apple to do the following:

1. Repair Disk Permissions using Disk Utility
2. Delete the following plist files from system configuration folder on your computer:
a. preferences.plist
c. networkinterfaces.plist
3. restart

I didn’t try out the tips provided in the OSX Daily article, but I now have the link just in case…


How to check device connections to your wireless network, on a MacBook:

Posted June 9, 2012

In finder, go to:

– Applications folder/Utilities/Airport Utility.

Once in the Airport Utility (5.6):

– select “Manual Setup” (at bottom of window)
– select “Advanced” (at top of window)
– select “Logs and Statistics” (near bottom of window)
– select DHCP clients. The connected devices will be listed there.

To make it easier to recognize connected devices, give the devices client ID’s like this:

Apple devices

MacBook: Select System Preferences, then “Advanced” (bottom right of window), select the TCP/IP address tab. To the right and middle of of the window is the “DHCP Client ID”. There will be a space to type in a name such as “Yoda’sMacBook” or some such thing. It was recommended here that there be no spaces in the name or to put a dash between words, otherwise apparently it will not show up in the Airport Utility.

iPad/iPhone: Go to Settings, select “Wi-Fi”, under “Choose a Network” select the blue arrow to the right of the network to which you are connected. Under the DHCP tab , scroll down to “Client ID” and type a name, as per the MacBook instructions above.





Download a PDF off of Chrome Browser

Posted August 11, 2010

Simple instructions that work here.


Troubleshooting the Uploading of an iMovie to YouTube

Posted December 4, 2010

If you get an alert message when trying to “share” an iMovie with YouTube (apparently a common enough bug), don’t fret. I found the answer to being able to upload an iMovie to YouTube easily, without any extra steps. Check out Benjahmoon’s post here. But I’ll also provide you with a brief descriptor in case that page disappears.

Basically, in iMovie, click on “YouTube” under “Share”. Up will pop a window asking for your account. Do not use your YouTube account name (I’m assuming you’ve already set one up here through your Google account). Rather, select “add” to the right of the “Account” drop down list, and add the e-mail address connected to your Google account and YouTube. And then follow the rest of the instructions (your Google account password and what have you). This works like a charm.




Anyone Know an Easy Way to Add Posts to Specific WordPress Pages Rather Than to the Home Page?

Posted December 4, 2010

Aarrgh. This is frustrating. I tooled around the Internet trying to find an easy way to so this, but without luck (I don’t feel like messing with some dated plugin – I’m just not that tech-savvy). So instead I’m separating out my “posts” on this particular page with a line and by date.

If anyone knows a simple way to post something to a specified page, please let me know.




Your Internet Footprint

Posted December 4, 2010

Don’t just Google your name and username – find out more about your digital footprint via, as per this article.

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